Feature-length Documentaries: Our Summer in Tehran, a PBS documentary about the award-winning filmmaker Justine Shapiro going to Iran with her son


Fundraising Trailers: Invisible Game, a documentary about the conflict over increased deer population in Block Island


Excerpt from the documentary that looks into a 1967 Vietnam era story of an incident involving a downed helicopter, ” Bonnie Sue” attempting to insert a Marine Force Reconnaissance Team, “Summer Sail One” into their zone of operation, south of the DMZ and west of Con Thien combat base. All aboard were killed and their bodies never were recovered.

The film revisits the incident from the POV of eye witnesses and explores the lives of some family members of Team Summer Sail One, as they recollect feelings from the time they were first informed until years later, and its impact on their families still trying to find closure, after nearly 40 years.